7:60 o’clock in the morning



Quentin Dupieux


It’s hard to be a member of MHA, the Movie Hunters Association.

If you want to join the league, you have to :

1) surf the net compulsively, looking  for bizarro web sites, written in languages you can’t understand any word, that have a different way to talk about movies;

2) read every kind of magazine, because seeds of many good movies are often hidden in pages regarding different topics ;

3) hear news on the radio, that could drive you to the karma point (f.e., you are on the tracks of an Icelandic movie and think about it, then you hear of a terrible earthquake just happened in Iceland, so it means a your karma is to watch it as soon as you can)

At the end of this activity, you can

1)  make a list of movies that could be significant, wishing there was a masterpiece among them, but you know, a masterpiece is a very rare event, so it would be good listing movies that were really worth of a look;

2) search for IMDB info: ranking, user reviews, critics, careful not to be much in depth analyzing, because surprise is the key factor for a movie to be liked.

Done ?

Good, you are a MHA member, now you can read what I think about Wrong.

Usually I don’t like “jumpers”, artists who jump from their core activity to another, so I was very  diffident towards Quentin Dupieux, aka Mr. Oizo, the electro musician known for a famous  Levi’s commercial in eighties, who has previously made a movie on a psycho rubber that kills people (no way for me to watch it !).

Well, Wrong… is right !

The plot is focused on a logical sequence of events caused by lazy and simple mistakes: the clock tells 7:60 AM (not 8:00 AM), Dolph Springer, who has been fired for three months  but continues to go to work because he needs to pretend to work, has lost his dogs but instead of  searching  it he  dials a Pizza Service  early in the morning just for having a conversation about the girl of customer service, while  his neighbour is angry with him and denies to go jogging while he goes jogging every day, and so on.

Trust on me, the sequence works well,  Dupieux succeeds to build  a different, colourful and strange world where every event could happen, by using a personal touch made of Irony and lightness, more like Jarmush and Coscarelli than Wes Anderson (just for mentioning some well known different-world-building directors) do.

So, I sympathetically appreciate the wrong way of searching the dog which is the movie theme and think that wrong is the right movie for a moviehunter, not a masterpiece, but very good to watch and to write about it.

Oh my God, it’s late, it’s 1:60 AM  and I have to go to bed !


Un pensiero su “7:60 o’clock in the morning

  1. Beautiful, i totally agree, and what’s the best deliberately out of control…just a suggestion, give Rubber a try, you won’t beleive how gripping can be (well at least inside a theater full of young , amused, excited and screaming audience)..


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