Neo(n) Noir

Spring Breakers

Harmony Korine


The main theme of Spring Breakers soundtrack is the sound of a gun getting loaded. It is a dry, loud, clear and recurring “music”. The meaning of the spring break hides inside that sound, inside the exciting moment, when the gun is about to shoot. The pre-bang. Doesn’t matter if the shoot will hit the target, because there is no target. No purpose. No reason.


These underage dark ladies get their pussies wet because of the money, and because they have guns in their hands. Nothing else matters. Even their tiny and young asses are so overexposed that they lose their green erotic appeal.


The sunny californian beaches have never been so dark and desperate. The shocking pink masks are frightful. Britney Spears announces the disaster, and she’s very very effective. Not even Wagner or Nine Inch Nails would do the same.


No place for laughing. Not even a smile.

We are hypnotized by this hallucinated dark masterpiece.

Something smells like Bret Easton Ellis (Less than zero, Rules of attraction) and Tom Wolfe (I am Charlotte Simmons). Thoughts go to Michael Mann, N. W. Refn and Gus Van Sant.. but Harmony Korine reached a different level, avoiding moral, ethic and other stuff like that.

blow job

Disney little girls found the devil. They fucked him. Then they killed him.



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